What Time of Day Should You Have Your Wedding?

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     Most of the time, a wedding is held in the late afternoon or early evening. There are however some brides that feel like an early morning wedding gives everyone more time to party. Lets find out which one is best for you.

     Most of us are accustomed to weddings that start around 3PM or 5PM. So what’s so great about this time frame? Out of  all of the weddings we’ve done, 90% of them have been during this time frame. This time is so popular because it gives everyone enough light during the day for the ceremony, but allows everyone to party once it gets dark. It just feels more comfortable for the reception to take place at night. The afternoon time also allows everyone to get up and be ready when the wedding starts. If the wedding were to start too late, it would make the reception too late for most of the guests. In addition to the afternoon time benefiting guests, sometimes its the only option a bride will have. Venues play a huge role in what time a bride can have her wedding unless the venue is at her own house. The venue will base the time around when they can generally be open for service. In other words, they may allow you to choose any time of day, but they wont allow the party to go till 2AM or 3AM in the morning. So that leaves us with an early day wedding.

     The first question you need to ask yourself is; “Am I a morning person?” If you and your family are not morning people, having a morning wedding is a bad idea. If you are a morning person, you can continue reading! Many couples do morning weddings all the time. The benefit of doing a morning wedding is that everyone has the rest of their day off. In addition to that, the party can have a much longer reception. Usually morning weddings are also used to give the party more hang out time before the reception begins with the rest of your guests. This means that the photographer has more time to get photos during the day. When this time is allowed, couple sessions can last around two to three hours depending on what the couple wants. This may seem extreme for most brides, but many brides want to have time to enjoy being together more than 30 mins after the ceremony.

     Generally, we recommend most brides have their wedding at the standard time. Most importantly a time that works best for you and your venue will be the most beneficial. If your having trouble choosing a time for your wedding, feel free to contact us by going to the contact tab. Remember that it is your wedding. You are free to do what you want most of the time. Make sure to stay tuned for our weekly blog. If you enjoyed reading, please subscribe on the left hand side of the site to get an email every time we post to the blog. 

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