Should You Have an Outdoor or Indoor Wedding?

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     Florida is a great place to live! We have beautiful beaches that look great in photos and amazing flat lands or endless grass. All that beauty is sadly accompanied with lightning, rain, and intense heat as well. This eggs on the great controversy of whether one should have a wedding outside or inside. We will break it down for you and hopefully give you some more things to consider about both.


     If you are reading this, most likely you are having your wedding outside or you are at least considering it. First lets consider what is probably the riskiest choice of all, having a wedding outside. Trying to have a wedding outdoors can be very beautiful. There is nothing like a beach scene behind you as you say your vows. These types of scenes make for great photos and it’s also something beautiful that your guests can enjoy as well. When having a ceremony outside, it is very easy to have almost an unlimited amount of space. Because you may be out on the open sand or a grassy field, its easy to take as much room as you need to set up for your ceremony. You also don’t have to worry about conference rooms that often look very dull and have the same beige colored walls. As much as an outside ceremony can be amazing, it comes with huge risks. Specifically, the risk of unpredictability. I have had many clients that planned to have a ceremony outside just to find out the week of the wedding that it was going to rain. This is a terrible thought to have leading up to your own wedding. Because vendors have to plan for the bad weather as well, we are often worrying about how its going to turn out as well. It is almost impossible to take great photos in the rain. It can happen, but it’s very difficult. Even if we could get photos in the rain, no one will want to stand in the middle of that weather. This is why the option to have a wedding inside is definitely one you should consider.


     Having a wedding indoors can save a bride a lot of hassle. On one hand, inside weddings can simply be beautiful. If done correctly an indoor wedding can transport your guests into another world. You can decorate an indoor wedding any way that you want and it is only limited by your imagination and of course, your budget. The problem with indoor weddings is that it costs a lot to make them look good. Outdoor weddings have this taken care of already and you don’t have to do anything to it to make it look better. Being inside does give you and your guests some much needed air conditioning. As hot as it can be outside, it’s probably best not to make your guests suffer in the heat. So which one is best for you?


     Essentially, this decision is entirely up to you. Regardless, we will give you some advice on what you should do in the event that you want to have your wedding outdoors. If you are planning on having your wedding outside, make sure that you talk to your vendor about other available options. You need to ask the venue whether or not they have a plan if you experience bad weather at your wedding. Some venues have a backup ceremony area that can be used in the case of emergency weather. Other venues may hold several weddings on the same day and may not have any other areas indoors for your wedding. The most important thing is to generally avoid any venue that doesn’t have some sort of back up area if weather becomes an issue. At the end of the day, you should be able to get married with the least amount of stress and worries. Always have a back up plan and be willing to change!


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