Short vs. Long Engagements

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     Whether you should have a short or long engagement has been a hot topic of discussion for many years. As you get ready to set a date for your wedding, picking the right time frame is of the utmost importance. So lets get right down to it!

      I think the common engagement time is usually one year. I would consider this a happy medium. I think we all know or have heard of  the couples that have either had 4 month engagements or several year engagements. Long engagements can be helpful if you want to get the proposal out of the way. I’ve met several couples that basically were engaged indefinitely. They wanted to get married but had no idea of when. The benefit of this is that they had plenty of time to plan the wedding. The down side to this method is that they may wait too late to get started. For one moment pretend that you are in school and the teacher gave you a list of all the assignments and stated that they would all be due by the end of the year. What are the chances that the entire class would wait till the last minute to do the assignments? You don’t want to deal with procrastination when it comes down to your wedding. Make sure that you plan ahead if you are going to have a lengthy engagement.

     Short engagements are often tough because, you may not have enough time to plan everything. You have to account for invitations as well as making sure your wedding party is available for the wedding. It may be hard for family and friends to make plans that late in the game. Flights are more expensive when you book them that far in advance so make sure you let your family and friends receive your invitations early in the game. The other thing you must consider are your vendors. No photographer or venue wants to hear a client say that there wedding is a few months from now. Some vendors will not mind but you do run the chances of having your choices narrowed down based on who’s available. You want to get the right vendors. I don’t think anyone would want to pick a vendor based on availability.


     As stated above, the best time for an engagement is one year. It’s not too long but it’s also not too short. You should have all the time to plan everything from inviting family and booking vendors. It’s been a while since we’ve posted as we have been on a sort of long vacation. Coming up, are some wedding posts over the next two months! Make sure you stay tuned for more helpful wedding tips!


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