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We often see many different photographer’s reception photos. Most of the time people assume that they are good enough. But we put extra quality into our technique when approaching our reception photos. There are so many photographers out there today and we feel like our reception photos stand out above the rest. Here’s why.

First of all, we get a lot of questions about how we get “party look to our reception photos. We start by setting up a flash on our camera. But not just a flash. We use a rogue flash bender with the diffusion panel. This allows us to throw the light forward but with it only hitting the subjects. Most photographers use a bounce flash. The biggest problem with bounce flash is that the flash raises the entire light level of the room. Our goal is to get the correct exposure on the people that are dancing, but yet have the background go dark. When the background is dark, you get a better feel for the reception venue. It also allows for the photo to be centered around the dancers and not the background.



Lastly, we set up a kicker light in the background. This will allow us to separate the people dancing from the background. Most photographers don’t bother with using extra lights, but we want to make your party look like an actual party. In addition to the kicker lights that we set up, we also use the DJ lights as a kicker light. This once again allows us to separate the people from the background.




Stay tuned to our blog. We will be releasing a blog on how we take our unique looking detail shots.




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