Is It Okay to Say “No Children”?

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     I think everyone can agree that kids can be the cutest addition to your wedding ceremony. Often times, they can cause sort of a ruckus in the process. Most of the time, kids will act as your flower girl and Ring bearer. It is obvious why kids have these roles in the wedding. It’s a pretty simple job and you can give them  instructions that are easy for them to understand. A lot of this, of course, depends on the age of the kids that are in your respective families. There is a lot to say about how one should include kids in their wedding, but that is for another blog. The real dilemma is whether or not you should have kids in your wedding at all. More importantly, is it okay to tell either of your families that you don’t want any kids in your wedding?




    To properly address this issue, we must assess why you would prefer to opt out on having kids at your wedding in the first place. It might be that you don’t want either families forcing you to involve kids. Or maybe you don’t want anything to go wrong because of how unpredictable kids are in general. Either way,  it is okay to say “no children” because it is your wedding. Remember that it is not your family’s wedding. Here are a few ways to let them down easy.

     Its always best to keep your family happy regardless of what specifications you may have for your wedding. One way to do this would be to involve the kids in different ways. For example, instead of having the kids participate in the ceremony, have them do something during the reception. This could be having them dance with you during the family dances. You could also consider having them do their own entrance along with the family. Sometimes kids want to be involved in the wedding because it makes them feel special. If that is the case, those should help them get what they want without interfering wedding. These methods are also good because they can choose not to do a dance or make an entrance if they get scared or have a quick change of attitude. If you have them down as a flower girl and/or ring bearer, they have to do the job or they will make a scene. You definitely don’t want that to happen.




     You may just not like kids at all. If that’s how you feel, you can tell your soon-to-be relatives the truth. You’re going to want to say it in the nicest way possible. A good start would be something like this: “Although I really respect all of your opinions, I want the day to be more focused on me and my future husband.” This should at least allow you to start somewhere. Don’t feel bad though because there are always going to be things that neither of your families agree with. Regardless, you must take the day for yourself. This may seem kind of selfish but that is what a wedding is all about. It’s your day to plan an event that shows off the love that exists between you and your significant other. Don’t worry, they aren’t going to say no. You just have to be as respectable as possible. Either way, this is the only day that you will most likely get married. Make the most of it!



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