Should you have a First Look?

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The First Look


     If you don’t know what a first look is, it is the time that a bride and groom get to see each other before the ceremony. In recent years, weddings have slowly deviated from the traditional practices. More and more couples are now participating in first looks. But that doesn’t mean that it is right for you. I will explain a few of the pros and cons of first looks. This will help you decide if that’s what’s best for you.



     First of all, there is more time for portraits. Following the normal schedule, we would probably only be able to get about 15 minutes to take photos of the couple. This is very limiting. When having a first look, not only do we get to document a beautiful moment, but we will also be able to shoot for longer. There is also less stress on you, the client. Being able to get all of the family formals etc. out of the way, means that you don’t have to stress about time during the day. Because of this, you will also have time to go to your cocktail hour along with your family.

     The wedding day can be so busy, having a first look will help you both to have true time alone before the ceremony and chaos starts. We will even be able to do the family formals before the ceremony, so you wouldn’t have to worry about someone being late. One of the biggest reasons to have a first look, is that we get to go to a different location. Typically, we are forced to do photos at the alter of wherever your ceremony takes place. We will still get those photos later, but during this time both of you will be able to go to a beautiful location that better represents the beauty of your day. Overall, having a first look will allow us to push all of the formal shots and portraits to take place before the ceremony.



     With good, there is also bad. One of the disadvantages of having a first look is that if anything in the beginning of your day runs late, we wont be able to get the photos on time. Also, family can still show up to portraits late. This would be an issue regardless but its still something to consider. Another thing to take into consideration is that there may be a limited amount of locations close around to shoot at. If there is a limited amount of places, then your portraits wont look as good as they possibly could have.

     Sometimes, because of the first look, you might not want to take the entire cocktail hour. This is frustrating to us as photographers because we need to have time to get the detail shots of your reception space when people aren’t seated yet. So make sure that if you do have a first look that you don’t cut time off of the cocktail hour. The most important reason that a first look may not be right for you is that it may take all of the fun out of seeing each other walk down the isle. Now this may be a very subjective thing, but you must take it into consideration. It may make saying your vows not as special because you already spent an hour with them before hand.


     Of course some of these things may seem like a personal thing that you must ask yourself, but take time to find out if it is right for you to have a first look. Lastly, do you have the right personality to do a first look. If you’re a more reserved couple, And trust me when I say that me and my wife are that way, you may not need to have a first look. To you seeing each other may be like seeing them any other day. So we wont force you to do a first look, but I hope that I was able to make the decision a little bit easier for you.



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