Is your family late again? A few suggestions to make sure they’re on time.

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     William and I have been doing wedding photography for just about a year now and one of the most tedious tasks we face at each wedding is getting the family formals completed with as little stress for everyone involved as possible. Truth be told, most of the time the problem is that there isn’t any communication between the bride and her family regarding what is expected of them to get these important shots. It is so important that each and every one of our brides, yes, even you potential brides out there, read this blog post very carefully. The family formal shots can get very frustrating and make everyone involved be impatient and cranky which will most likely lead to very forced happy expressions or just bad attitudes. To alleviate all of these problems here are a couple suggestions of how keep your day as happy and stress free as possible.




1. Inform your family members ahead  of time:

     For some people who say that “ignorance is bliss” have obviously never been in a venue with several cranky family members running around hunting for “Uncle Joe” or “Aunt Susie” because they aren’t ready to be in the next set of the family formals. There is most definitely not a drop of bliss in that situation. So to keep that from happening, just simply let your loved ones know where they need to be and when. The worst thing to do is to not tell them and then we don’t get to capture very special moments with the ones you love most. When we sit down with you or speak on the phone in advance about your wedding itinerary I will remind you of just how important this is. If you make it a priority to tell them ahead of time it will cut down on the confusion that day and also help us to stay on track with our timeline of events that have to happen on your wedding day. We most certainly do not want to be wasting anytime hunting family members down if we don’t have to because it will cause issues and push everything after these shots behind schedule.



2. Remind them several times that day:

     This is a little bit more of a tricky suggestion because you do not want to come across as rude or annoying to your family members. However, some people may need a few more reminders than others. After our conversation about your timeline takes place would be a great time to inform them for the first time. The next time you should remind them would be that same day either that morning or shortly before the ceremony takes place. In order to alleviate you from worrying about it, I have told several of my previous brides to have either your Maid of Honor or Best Man be in charge of the same day reminders. This is usually a relief to the brides because it’s one less thing to think about that day. The last reminder I would suggest be mentioned would be by the DJ. Prior to your ceremony, have that Maid of Honor or Best Man also let the DJ know to make an announcement after the ceremony is over that all the family needs to make their way to the location we are taking the pictures at. We have worked with several DJ’s in the past and we have not ran into an issue with them making this announcement.



Make sure that you stay tuned to our social media. All of the above photos were taken at the Majestic Event Center in Orlando, Fl. We will continue to give you tips that will aid you in making your wedding better.


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My name is Meagan. I am the co-owner of Meagan and William Photography. I enjoy writing helpful tips that will help you become more prepared for your wedding. In addition to writing, I enjoy taking photos of weddings that stand out above the rest.



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