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     When Pinterest first launched in year 2010, it did so amongst the massive giant that is Facebook. Did the world need another social media platform? This question was asked as Pinterest had emerged from its beta test phase. After launching, it didn’t take Pinterest long for it to become one of the worlds most popular social media platforms. In 2012, Pinterest’s user base was made up of about 83% of women. Based on these statistics, it wasn’t hard to realize what would be popular on the new site. Here are a few: Fashion, Decor, and most importantly weddings. Pinterest has changed the face of the wedding industry for most photographers and vendors. Some of this has been great and some of it not so great. We aren’t going to go on about Pinterest Etiquette, but we believe there are a few Dos and Don’ts that can help you use Pinterest to plan your wedding.





Ok, here are some things that you can do that will help you to use Pinterest in an effective way.


1. Use Pinterest to decide on the general theme of your wedding

     This may seem quite Simple, but many people grab so many random items for their wedding just because it looked cute on Pinterest. Pinterest is there to allow you to find ideas, but you have to look for ideas that are cohesive to the rest of your wedding. We have seen some amazing DIY weddings that have had great decorations because they stuck to one idea. You can even use it to theme specific parts of your wedding if you wanted to create different moods. I even think that it is a great idea to find what kinds of themes you could do even if you decide not to use any of the ideas for your wedding.


2. Gain Inspiration from Pinterest

     Inspiration is seeing something that you think would go well with your wedding and making it work for yours. Try not to copy exactly what other brides did on theirs. In other words, find something that looks cool and tailor it for your wedding. This can be done by using colors and other things that mean something to you. Looking at Pinterest should make you want to get up and start creating those things for your wedding.


3. Try to inspire other brides

     Pinterest is not just a platform for consumption. It is also a platform for creation. If you copy everything on Pinterest as mentioned above, you can never create anything unique. Where do you think those cute decorations come from anyways? They come from other brides and vendors that wanted to create something unique. Believe it or not, you can do this too. You can inspire brides to pin your wedding details. To do this, you must create unique content yourself. Don’t be afraid. Try it out!





Here are several things that you shouldn’t do with Pinterest.


1. Showing your photographer or vendor what you found

     I think that all wedding vendors will get somewhat upset if you do this because we try so hard to be unique. One of the issues with Pinterest is that if one person does something really creative, everyone else starts to do it. When your vendors become the same, they can’t differentiate themselves from the crowd. Because of this, we strive to be as unique as possible whether we are doing Tampa weddings, Orlando weddings, or Lakeland Weddings. We advise that you let us give you something that you can post on pinterest that will  inspire other future brides.


2.Mix and Matching Ideas

     If you spend too much time on Pinterest, it becomes easy to have too many items that you can choose from. Just find a few that work for your wedding. All too often, we find table top themes that completely go against the colors of the wedding. Albeit looks cool, you still have to make it work together. If you can’t find items that work together, you can just leave them out all together. This is your day to get married, you shouldn’t feel obligated to have all of those “things” at your wedding. Your day will be beautiful regardless.


3. Copying someone else

     Pinterest can often be slated as the “copy cat website”. It’s so easy to see someones wedding that had so many cute items and begin to want the same thing. You have to remember that it is cooler to have brides copy your wedding, than it is for you to copy theirs. Don’t you want to be the bride that has all of her friends asking where she got her decorations from? It’s your day! Make it unique!


     As wedding photographers, we see different weddings almost every week. We get to see unique weddings and we get to see weddings that don’t make any sense. After every wedding, we submit them for publication for online blogs. 9 times out of 10, weddings that were unique and had personality got published more than ones that didn’t have any flair. What does this mean for you? Pinterest is a great social media website, but like many things in life, too much of it is a bad thing. You have to find the right balance that will allow you to create the most unique wedding that you can.


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