The Biggest Wedding Planning Mistake

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     One thing is for certain, all little girls envision every minute detail of their wedding day by the time they are six years old. It’s just what we do all day while we are playing house or any other girly childhood game. We don’t just stop there either. As we get older we develop these ideas until we are just waiting for the “man of our dreams” to walk up to us and ask us to marry them. While most people think this is just “what little girl’s do” it can be problematic as you are planning your wedding day.

     That being said, One of the biggest wedding planning mistakes is the lack of preparation. Although this seems like a basic concept it is honestly one thing people never think much about. Maybe it’s simply a matter of “out of sight out of mind”. Because of the planning we do at such a young age, we think we have everything figured out, and then we soon realize we aren’t even close. Most weddings sites geared towards helping brides plan their wedding days have checklists that tell you what things to plan and when. These tools are always so helpful, but most of the time, the majority of the items on the list aren’t about decor or the pretty things we love to plan. There are items on that list that aren’t fun at all to think about. Who really wants to spend time looking up marriage license regulations and learning what all is needed to change your name on all important life documents? Truth be told, no one gets overly excited about doing any of these things. As your trusted advisers, we recommend that you get an early start on mapping out what you need to get accomplished and set a deadline for completing it.

     In the wedding industry, brides are heavily focused on one-upping their friends’ weddings that they’ve been to or weddings they find on Pinterest and Facebook. While it’s really good to plan and get your details organized make sure you do not forget to spend the necessary time on the less fun stuff. Listed below are some very important things that you should not forget to do in preparation for your wedding.



1. Taking a Pre-Marital Counseling Course

     Most churches offer this type of counseling to future brides and grooms as a tool to ensure that the couple is aware of events that may not have been communicated well in the relationship. In addition to that, some topics that may be more difficult to discuss (i.e. views on children, in-laws, financial responsibilities, etc.) can be discussed with a pre-marital counselor to mediate the discussion. In the state of Florida, if you prove enrollment in a Pre-Marital Counseling course your marriage license fee ($93.50) can be reduced by up to $32.50. If you were looking to cut costs in any way this might be something to consider looking into.


2. Getting Your Marriage License

     In the state of Florida, your marriage license is only valid for up to 60 days after issuance. This means it is important that you don’t start this step until you’re in the two month mark on your checklist. However, make sure you do not wait too long or you may have to repay the issuance fees.


3. Getting Your Name Changed on Important Documents

     Parts of this shouldn’t be too difficult but most likely the most time consuming would be getting your Social Security Card changed. Most of the process is completing the forms they provide you with and taking them to your Social Security office near you.


4. Informing Your Employer(s) of a Name Change

     This may not be a huge deal to some companies but others it may be a difficult process. I would say speak with your Human Resources department and see how long it would take to get all your information changed to the appropriate name. If you are a salaried employee who receives benefits you may have a little more difficult of a time because you will need to get your name changed and you may also need to add your new spouse onto your insurance.


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