5 Things That Make A Great DJ

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The majority of your wedding is spent during the reception. If you want your guests to have fun, you may want to consider making sure your DJ is amazing. Very few people would probably walk away from a wedding and say, “wow that ceremony was so fun”. Most likely they are going to be referring to the dancing or the music. So it’s very crucial that you look for the right characteristics in your DJ.



#1 They need to play up-to-date music

     This may seem like a no brainer, but we have been to weddings where they play the top 40 from 5 years ago. You know what I mean. When you listen to the radio, typically you will hear the newest hyped song. It can be very annoying when your DJ is playing a song that’s already lost its luster. We recommend that you meet with your DJ. This will allow you to ask them what style music they play. Also, consider telling them what style of music you prefer.




#2 They need to know your families background

     Let me clarify. If you have an interracial couple, it is crucial that the DJ knows what their nationalities are. When my brother got married, he married an Italian woman. It was a good thing we got a good DJ. He played songs that appeals to my family as well as her family. It can sometimes be a touchy subject, but your DJ will probably never ask you that. So you have to be willing to let them know. Remember that the party is not just for your family. It’s for every person at the reception.



#3 They need to have games planned

     Besides the Bouquet Toss and the Garter Toss, it would be a good idea to have your DJ plan some other events. At our last wedding, DJ Jay J had the bride and groom play the shoe game. The couples always enjoy these games and we think you will too. Many times, couples choose not to have any traditional tosses. In that situation, it is very important to have your DJ have games like this.




#4 They must stay on track with the timeline

     As a photographer, there is only so much that we can do to make sure your day goes as planned. When the reception comes around, the only person that can manage the timeline is the DJ. If the DJ misses announcing the toasts, the timeline will get thrown off. Also, the DJ must communicate with us so that we can get your pictures when the events happen. That’s why we ask who your DJ is before the wedding so that we can communicate with them before hand.




#5 They must Keep the vibe going on the dance floor

     The most important thing your DJ can do is keep the dancing going all night. I think we have all been to a party and the vibe on the dance floor begins to dwindle. Your DJ has to have that fun personality to make people stay on the dance floor as long as possible. That in addition to the things we have mentioned before will help you to choose the right DJ for you. We recommend you go to TheKnot.com to find a DJ.




We hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. Stay tuned as we are going to continue to post tips like this every week.






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