3 Things That Will Go Wrong at Your Wedding

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     We always hear about things that go wrong during a wedding. I’m sure we have all seen the video of the bridal party stepping on the dock and it collapsing in the water. Or maybe it was the one of the officiant going awole on the photograher and a videographer during the ceremony. Either way, you have seen what you have seen and will most likey try to do everything in your power not to make those same mistakes. But problems are sometimes inevitable. We found that there are certain things that are just going to go wrong at your wedding no matter what. Try as you may, they will happen.


1. Its going to run late

     Im sure you remember teachers telling you that early is on time and on time is late. This is the same with weddings. If you start your wedding on time, its going to go late no matter what. There is just no way to be able to predict the time its going to take during parts of your wedding. Weve been to weddings that go on an infinite amount of time, and we have been at weddings where they are infinitely late. Something or someone is going to hold up the process. Don’t try to stop it, just go with it. Many wedding planners make it their goal to pesteringly remind you that you are running behind the schedule. That is not what makes a good wedding planner though. An alarm could do that. But i digress. Things will run late. Don’t make it a huge priority that things be right on the dot.


2. Someone is going to miss the family formals

     We wrote a blog about this a few months ago. You can check it out HERE. Some family members care, and sadly some dont. They will go somewhere eslse to talk with friends or they will forget about it all together. These are so important because it is really hard to make up these photos later. We would suggest atleast notifying your immediate family. Its not as bad if you miss some cousins. As stated before, you can click the previous link to see what you can do to make sure that they are on time. But don’t fret. If you dont see someone there, let us know so someone can find them. Chances are if you didn’t know they were gone, you wont be missing them.


3. One of your guests is going to get too drunk

     This is one of the things, that as photographers we get to see all the time. This obviously applies if you serve alcohol at your wedding. Someone is going to have too much. They will probably make a fool of themselves. Don’t worry about them. If they get to bad, have someone escort them out and give them a ride home. In many cases, that may be you. Everyone will understand, its your day after all! But once again, if your serving alcohol, someone is going to go crazy.



     These are all things that you don’t much control over. Weddings are never perfect. They can often look perfect, but we don’t see what goes on behind the scenes. To get the latest tips, you know who to follow. Click the subscribe panel on the left to recieve the latest and greatest wedding tips we have to offer.

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