Joseph and Elise’s- Ruskin, Fl Wedding

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Venue: The Resort and Club at Little Harbor

DJ: Nebula Media inc.

Videography: Eli Meyer Cinematography

Photographer: Meagan and William Photography

Florist: The Cottage


     There isn’t a better way to spend New Years Eve, than to have a wedding. As we usher in the new year, Joseph and Elise ushered in a new life together. One filled with love and commitment. Both of them were an absolute joy to work with. When we first showed up, we were taken in by the beauty of the Ruskin Harbor. The Resort and Club at Little Harbor in Ruskin was an amazing place for those who want to relax. It’s a beautiful area that made getting amazing beach photos much easier. Joseph and Elise are students at the University of South Florida. Joseph served in the United States Marines for 4 years. During the getting ready, both Joseph and Elise got each other watches that looked amazing. We both got to watch as both Joseph and Elise began to tear up while reading each others’ cards. We later got to the ceremony which went beautifully and without a hitch.

     Once the ceremony ended, we proceeded to take some couple photos on the pier and beach. We were initially worried that the sun would stay hidden by the grey clouds but to our surprise, it came out just in time. The sun happened to be out just long enough for us to get some gorgeous sunset photos near the tail end of our session. Joseph and Elise were an absolute joy to work with during the session and needed no direction at all. They are naturals!

     After the reception, we all went outside to let go of lanterns on the beach. Let’s just say that some things go better when the wind isn’t so high. But, Joseph and Elise handled it like pros and managed to get the last one up together. We were all able to watch as the lantern disappeared into the night sky. Overall, we had a great time at Joseph and Elise’s wedding.  They were easy to work with and didn’t get stressed out when things don’t exactly go as planned. It was an honor for us to photograph their wedding, and we want to congratulate them on many happy years of marriage.

     We would also like to thank all of the vendors that made this day even more special. The Resort and Club at Little Harbor in Ruskin was a beautiful venue that we would love to take pictures at again. Eli Meyer Cinematography was amazing and are the best videographers we have worked with. They come highly recommended! Thanks to Nebula Media for the awesome songs and DJing during the reception and The Cottage for their work on the flowers.

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