Brittney and Cole- Punta Gorda, Fl Wedding

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     We are proud to show you the pictures from Brittney and Cole’s wedding. This was our second wedding that took place in the beautiful city of Punta Gorda, Florida. Brittney and Cole first met in 2nd grade in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. They were in class together and quickly became best friends and secretly, they both had a crush on each other. During 4th Grade, Brittney moved to Florida and she and Cole lost contact. While on Facebook in 2011 after graduating high school, Brittney was reminiscing about her childhood and got curious about what ever happened to Cole. So she looked him up on Facebook and found him. They quickly rekindled their friendship and spent all day and night online and on the phone catching up on where their lives ended up. They also go to know each other again. After a few months of constant talking, Brittney went to South Carolina to visit Cole, and the rest is history. They fell in love, Cole came back to Florida with Brittney, and now they have 2 sons together (Jayce, Alden).

     Brittney and Cole were a great couple to work with. They were very natural and by the looks of the couple photos, anyone can see that they love each other very much. As the photographers we get to see the events of the wedding unfold throughout the entire day, and we have to say from start to finish, the wedding was a blast. The entire party was fun and upbeat and everything went off without a hitch. We also want to thank the vendors for their help during the wedding. We always like working with vendors that take pride in what they do as well. We usually like to find out what our couples love so much about each other. Here is what they had to say, “We love that we are able to be goofy with each other. We bring out the best in each other, the fun, and the love. He is always there for me to support me and make me feel better, and I never fail at making him smile.” Congratulations to Brittney and Cole and may your lives continue to bring you happiness!



Cake: Cool Cakes

Makeup and Hair: Hair & Makeup Artistry By Katie

DJ: Dirty Brown Productions


BrittneyandColeWedding-1BrittneyandColeWedding-2BrittneyandColeWedding-3BrittneyandColeWedding-4BrittneyandColeWedding-6BrittneyandColeWedding-7BrittneyandColeWedding-5BrittneyandColeWedding-8BrittneyandColeWedding-9BrittneyandColeWedding-10BrittneyandColeWedding-11BrittneyandColeWedding-12BrittneyandColeWedding-13Meagan and William Photography, Lakeland Wedding Photography, Tampa Wedding Photographer, Orlando Wedding Photography, Wedding Photography, Wedding BlogBrittneyandColeWedding-15BrittneyandColeWedding-16BrittneyandColeWedding-17-ExposureBrittneyandColeWedding-18-ExposureBrittneyandColeWedding-19BrittneyandColeWedding-20BrittneyandColeWedding-21-ExposureBrittneyandColeWedding-22BrittneyandColeWedding-23

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