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     We are now offering our new wedding book with some of our packages. These books are from our friends at Graphi Studios in Italy. You wont find quality like this anywhere else. The art and passion of the photographers, the sensibility, expectations and dreams of the couples, the emotions and amazement of their loved ones… all these feelings take form in a book that you will love at first sight. Graphistudio shapes your dreams thanks to a world-class quality and a style that expresses all the charm of Made in Italy. The extraordinary result of a 20 year journey of discovery is called Wedding Book. An exceptional product that enhances the photographic reportage by combining printing art with the prestigious editorial layout of the most celebrated projects.



     The accurate preparation and attention to the details is what distinguish a quality product. Among these details, one of the most important is the lining: its color guarantees a harmonic combination between the outside and inside of the book, and its texture creates a balanced link between the precious cover material and the finishing of the pages. Apart from these aesthetical reasons, the linings play a basic role in the mechanical connection between the cover and the block. For this reason only the best cloths are used to fulfill this essential function. The color palette is extremely wide, as is the refined choice of the spun cloths available.

The image below allows you to see how thick the pages are on our books. This option confers heaviness to the book by adding an insert between the pages.



owb_02 owb_06 dma_09


     If you would like to see these beautiful books in person, we now have several options to choose from. As a part of our design philosophy, we don’t stuff the album full of images. We want to deliver art to our clients, so its really important that we put the best images in the album. On average, we put 3-5 images per spread(2 pages), with the exception for some spreads with 1 image. Make sure to set up a meeting up with us to check out our new wedding book.


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