Top 10 Worst Wedding Family Photos

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A video recently popped up on YouTube showing some of the most awkward wedding photos. You can check it out here. Anyways, we wanted to point out some that we found in addition to some of the ones found on YouTube. So lets get started!



Ok, so this is terrible. Obviously picking up the newly wed couple is probably not the best way to show them that you are happy for them. Not to mention the black in white mixed with color. We call this spot color in the photography world. This style phased out years ago and as you can see, it looks so bad!




I guess wearing curtains was a style at some point. This looks so corny, but i guess when you don’t have anything to wear, you can look to your house decorations for inspiration. What’s next wallpaper?!




Is everyone wearing some kind of pajamas? It looks like a mix of Christmas clothes and night attire. Then again, when looking at the head wear, they could be going to a royal wedding. I don’t know what made them wear this, but think twice before doing something as “unique” as this.




This came from a video that went viral a few months ago. It’s too hard to tell if their photographer told them to get on the dock or if it was the brides idea. Either way, this was not intended to happen. As you can see, when issues happen, you closest friends will be the first ones to get out of dodge. Just look at the brides maid to the far right as she is the first one gone! Absolutely hilarious!




Hold one. What are they doing?! Ive heard of showing some skin on a wedding, but this is just too far. Maybe not the best thing to do on a street corner. I wonder how long they can stay in that position….




Being here in Florida, I can understand it being too hot. This however, is just ridiculous. People looking away from the camera never looks good anyways, let alone when they are holding their dresses up. Well, at least they didn’t get their dresses wet.




Some people are too adamant about their weapons. In this case, the shotgun was obviously more important than anything. They must have gone hunting for their honeymoon.




Bridesmaids that stay together, bathe together. Or at least so it seems in this picture. Who’s idea was this? How did they all fit in there? Maybe it was the biggest room in the hotel.




Bang, Bang, Bang! The Charles Angels strike again. Well, I’m not sure if that’s what they were trying to emulate, but is just as dumb. Another reason for this photo is that you can barely see the bride and groom. They are mostly covered by the brides maids. Oh well, nice try though.




….I’m not even going to start. This deserves #1 because it is so bad. Obviously the worst one of the bunch.


That took a lot to get through! Thanks for sticking around. If you haven’t already, check out the video in the link above. Remember to stay tuned for more blog posts. We often post funny blogs like this as well as wedding tips.

Tell us what you think about the photos below.

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