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     State by State and day by day, more people regardless of what sex they are can marry legally. If you’ve been reading the news lately, then you know that Florida is next in line. Yes, folks, starting January 6th 2015 marriage equality is coming to a court or church near you. This brings about the question, how do I find a photographer for my wedding? Well if you’re reading this, you are in luck! Meagan and William Photography is one of the few LGBT friendly photographers that cover the Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota,  Orlando, and Lakeland Areas. Because of the recent announcements about marriage equality, some businesses have still decided not to offer their services to such couples.


     I know that may seem odd. I mean, how can businesses still not provide their services when gay marriage is legal? Sadly, businesses still have the right to refuse services to anyone that they don’t want to serve. Specifically in Arizona, businesses are legally able to refuse to offer their services to gay couples. (Supreme Court Declines Case of Photographer Who Refused Service To Gay Couple.)

     Florida on the other hand doesn’t have such laws, but they very well could still refuse service. Who really wants to go to court over that matter anyways. The thing to keep in mind is that if they don’t want to take pictures at your wedding, they wouldn’t do your wedding justice if you forced them to by law.

     There are plenty of photographers that probably wouldn’t mind, but finding out which ones those are can be intimidating and exhausting. So we are writing this in hopes to welcome the LGBT community into the Meagan and William Photography family. This is obviously a time of celebration for all of Florida. We have been a part of Equality Florida for a while and we also take pictures at some of their events. So it is a privilege to finally be able to see this day come.


We wish you all luck in finding vendors for your upcoming wedding. If you are looking for more opportunities to celebrate or just more ways to get involved, please visit the Equality Florida website Here.





Supreme Court Declines Case Of Photographer Who Refused Service To Gay Couple

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