Blaine and Alene’s 70th Anniversary

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     A few days ago, Meagan and I had a great opportunity to take pictures at Blaine and Alene Cook’s 70th Anniversary. They thought that it was best to have the celebration over the course of two days. One for the family and one for the church family. We got to attend both of the events. First of all, they decided to surprise them with a dinner at Olive Garden in Winter Haven. They had no idea where they were going, so it was very funny to see the reactions on their faces. After that, more family started to show up and congratulate them. We then sat down to eat and Tom Cook was gracious enough to provide both Meagan and I with a dinner. After the dinner, we went to their house for a more intimate time with the family. They bought a cake, in wedding style, from A Piece of Cake by Maggi in Auburndale. Later they fed themselves the cake like it was their wedding night. We were obviously used to this considering that we are primarily wedding photographers. They had some gifts to unpack which can be seen below. They received a blanket their name on it and some cards. On Sunday, they had the party that involved the entire church family. This took place at the Central Church of Christ in Winter Haven. So many people were there to support them. A group called Clean Slate sang several songs that dated back to when they were born. They will also be singing at the Spiritual Growth Workshop where we will be shooting on the weekend of June 28th. You can check those photos out on our blog now. Before the event was over, Blaine had a few things to say. He told a story about how he caught a bunch of fish with just one bait. Every there was laughing at his awesome stories. We had a great night with both the church and the Cook family. We hope to do the same thing for their 80th anniversary. Whether you are a newly wed or a bride-to-be, we are available to provide beautiful imagery to you. Congratulations to Blaine and Alene on their successful 70 years of marriage!










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