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     A few months ago, we submitted one of our engagement photos to a photo competition. We are happy to say that it won Judges Favorite. It’s often difficult to win a photo contest with a wedding or engagement photo. This is because we often times photograph our couples when time is of the essence or when the time of day isn’t the best. This photo competition had to include a bench in some way, shape or form. When trying to find the right image to submit to this competition, my eyes were drawn to this one. I really like this image because of the subtle emotion displayed on their faces. In this image, we had them relax and they closed their eyes. It made me feel as if they are truly in love with each other and are unaware of what is going on around them. We took this photo at Lake Eola in Orlando. If you have ever been there, you know that it is one of the busiest parks in Orlando. Having a picture like this means a lot to us because we managed to take a very romantic photo in the middle of the afternoon chaos at the park.We don’t turn our photos Black and White all that often. In this case, I felt like the Black and White effect would make the viewers eye focus more on the expressions of the couple than the scenery around them. We will continue to submit our photos for awards and hopefully continue to get awarded for them.


We also have been published for a blog and will be posting that later this month. Stay tuned!



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