Asian Cultural Festival

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     We had a very busy weekend with several clients to meet with. After meeting with a client in Orlando, we noticed that there was a festival going on. It was called the Asian Cultural Festival. It was located at the Fashion Square Mall in Orlando. Both Meagan and I were in two different places to make sure that we could get a good shot. We were there for about an hour and got some great photos. The events started off with several different cultural dances. As you can see below, they all had great skill. One of our favorite performances was that of the balancing cup act. They were able to dance and seamlessly balance cups on top of their heads. I have to say that they made it look easy. In reality, I’m sure that it is really difficult. The biggest surprise of the afternoon was the magic act. He did some traditional magic like pulling the cloth out of his mouth. But as you can see by the last photo, he also made what looked like a dove appear out of nowhere. It was really cool. There was a bunch of people there. We took a picture of the crowed so that you could see how many people attended. There were people on the second floor and there were people all around the stage. They had local vendors there as well. They served food that could be found at the different booths. This was our first time at an event like this. We plan to follow the Fashion Square Malls upcoming events to find something else that may be as unique as this.


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